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Maura Soler was born in the Inca Mountains of Abancay near Machu Picchu in Peru. At the age of 5 years old she was adopted by a Spanish family and grew up in a small countryside town in the north-east of Catalonia.

Maura started her independent journey in the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona where she obtained her education in Social Work to be able to help those in her community who wanted a change in their lives.

Maura's curious personality encouraged her to travel all over Europe and later on the United States. The first time she traveled to America she visited Asheville, North Carolina and it stole her heart.

From that moment, Maura decided to start another episode of her life in this magical mountain city.

In 2018, three years after she arrived in America, Maura went back to school in Charlotte, NC to earn an Associates' Degree in Interior design because she has always been amazed by the power of design in spaces, people's behavior, and its impact on their lives.

In November of 2020, Maura created "MauDesigns" to combine her passion for Design and motivation for Personal Growth by listening to the stories of others and learning from their experiences.

Design for Equity: 

 Empower individuals & the community 

Design for Connection

Strengthen people's relationships 

Design for Creativity: 

 Offer a space for free art expression

Design for Growth: 

Pursue a continuous learning process


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