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Remembering MARY

Mary Santina Collins was a kind, loving and beautiful 20-year-old girl with a genetic condition known as 22q, the second-most common genetic disorder behind Downs Syndrome.

In March of 2020, in Charlotte, North Carolina, Mary's life was taken from this world, brutally murdered by four people under the guise of friendship. Her trusting nature cost her life.

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JEFF, the dog that chose his owner

Jeff was a Jack Russel terrier mixed with Pitbull whom one day jumped into the open windows of Eli’s truck.

What a smart way to choose his owner!

That was the beginning of their long and happy lasting friendship which spanned for more than 15 years.

Jeff spent a lot of his time hiking and playing fetch in the sunshine with Eli. Jeff was clearly a lucky spoiled dog, everyone that had the opportunity to meet him liked him a lot. Jeff, to appreciate all the love that he received, he protected his person with all his means as well as Eli’s family and friends.

KEANU REEVES, who couldn't admire him?

This is a creation to openly share the love and admiration that Keanu Reeves’ fans have for him.

Keanu Reeves is a celebrity known for being a great actor but what drives his popularity to the sky is that he is a very special human being.

Keanu Reeves, despite the personal painful parts of his life that he has gone through, has become a man of a unique and strong character, very humble, and full of acts of kindness. He has das done so many great things for others, such as donating money to children's hospitals and to cancer research. 


Roger&Charlotte got married this past June 2022, in the incredible town where Salvador Dalí was born, Cadaques, Spain.

It was such a great pleasure to create this video, Roger&Charlotte definitely have a unique love story full of trips, with fun experiences and a bunch of romantic moments.

There is no doubt Roger&Charlotte love each other deeply, in the beginning of their relationship they had a distant relationship but that did not stop them from having great romantic gestures such as flying from Spain to the US or from France to Spain, to just see each other for a week or two.


*This video just shows the last 32 seconds of a 14-minute long video to preserve their child's privacy.

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